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                    How many devices does you employee carry? If this question concerns you then you need to spend time here. An average employee carries three devices. Yes, THREE. Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone. How do you intend to manage them? You have a heroic task in front of you to scrutinize the devices that enter inside the company. It can be a corporate owned or a personal device.

                    Desktop Central can help you to perform mobile device and mobile application management to configure and secure mobile devices from a central place. It simplifies your work by making them perform both mobile device management and BYOD using a single console.

                    Highlights of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

                    • Profile Management: To configure polices and restrict certain features
                    • Asset Management: Scan complete information about device details such as certificates, installed apps, etc.
                    • Application Management: To distribute and manage both in-house and commercial apps such as Black and white listing of apps, Publish apps in the catalog, etc.
                    • Security Management: To protect data from outside threats enables you to perform device lock and data wipe.
                    • Audit and Reports: Fetch out-of-box reports to get the details such apps installed, device memory, etc.
                    Customer speaks
                    “We were looking for Mobile Device Management (MDM) features that can help us to track inventory of mobile devices, view software versions in dashboard, and more importantly it should be user friendly and cost effective. Desktop Central helped us to achieve it.”
                    - Blake Rodmeyer, IT Manager, Guaranty Bank & Trust

                    For more details on Mobile Device Management using Desktop Central, refer to our Website.

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